Thursday, April 26, 2012

7 Playwriting Contests and Submissions Websites Every Playwright Should Know

Many playwrights are searching for theatre and festival websites where they can submit their plays. Below are 7 play submission websites every playwright should be familiar with!
1. The Playwright's Center - provides listing of various writing opportunities. The site has a search option where you can search listings by state or by category.  This is useful if you are searching for something specific, though they don't provide an overview where you can see all the opportunities posted.

2. The Playwriting Contests & Play Submission Helper is dedicated to providing links to various submission opportunities for playwrights, the site has over 350 theater and festival listings in simple spreadsheet format. What makes this website great for playwrights is all the opportunities listed here accept e-mail/electronic submissions, meaning you can submit quickly to a ton of playwriting contests and other submission opportunities. Another thing is that the opportunities are listed in spreadsheet format with all the important information provided for easy scrolling. This site is highly recommended.

3. - the Burryman is a writer's resource website providing links to theaters with submission opportunities. The opportunities posted here are sorted by month. Not much in the way of features, but still useful.

4. - a message board for playwrights. Opportunities are sorted by section and each opportunity is presented in each post.  Another great resource for a playwright especially if you are looking for the latest submission opportunity. But if you are looking for something simple and easy to browse, this may not be for you because you need to click on each post to see the details which you may find annoying at some time.

5. - one of the best playwright resources around. NYC playwrights is always updated, giving playwrights all the latest opportunities with detailed instructions.

6. - message board for playwrights which offers more than play submission opportunities. The site provides opportunities, writing tips and stories of success in playwriting. You can also post questions here about playwriting.

7. Play Submissions Guide For Playwrights  - Site to guide you through the play submission process.  Simple, but excellent words of advice.

There are many more playwright resource websites out there but these are among the best ones which you can find. To be successful in your submissions, remember to read and follow the rules of the each theatre or festival. Submit to theatres in which your play's genre or subject matter fits, as your play has a better chance of being produced if you target your submission to the right artistic directors and literary managers are looking for.  Good luck!